Cosmetic Container Wholesale - What is PETG?

What is PETG? PETG stands for polyethylene terephthalate, and it is often used to produce ultra-thick-wall bottles for cosmetics. Its characteristic glass-like texture makes it an ideal choice for packaging a wide range of personal care products. Furthermore, its excellent chemical and impact resistance makes it ideal for securing the contents of the bottles. Typically, cream products are packed in plastic jars or bottles.
Plastic bottles made of PETG have a high degree of transparency, which is important for the cosmetics industry. These bottles are available in large-sized sizes, and can be made in 7-10 days after a customer makes a deposit. Once the deposit has been made, a batch can be produced in 30 days, and the monthly capacity can reach 300,000 pieces. The price for a PETG cosmetic container is competitive and you can get high-quality containers for very little money.
Plastic jars are also made from PETG. The main advantage of PET jars is their stability and transparency. They are less likely to break or be damaged during transit. They also have a high degree of clarity and noble looks. Gidea, for example, provides high-quality PET cosmetic jars with lids. Another popular type of plastic jar is the PP jar. It is a good choice for applying facial cream, body cream, and even bath salt. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of cosmetic applications.
Generally, PETG bottles are used for liquid media, especially for cosmetics. These bottles are inexpensive and are made by injection blow molding, which is faster than the airless components. They are also lightweight and can be fitted with a variety of caps and dispensing options. They are especially popular for liquid and cream-based products, which require quick-drying formulas. They also resist the effects of humidity and sunlight, ensuring their shelf-life.

RG-A013 High-end cosmetic container, princess series

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