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Ningbo Rongoo(Aojia) Packaging Container Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of China Electric/manual Cleansing Instrument Manufacturers and Electric/manual Cleansing Instrument supplier for better high-end plastic cosmetic packaging. Specializing in manufacturing cosmetic packaging materials, plastic containers, cosmetic cleansing equipment, blow molding bottles, plastic injection molded parts, etc. We have multiple automatic computer injection molding machines, blow molding machines, automatic printing machines, hot stamping machines, various testing equipment, and multiple assembly lines. The company has a high-quality management production team and a professional precision mold manufacturing team. To produce novel, exquisite, fashionable, high-end packaging for customers, the production process from design, mold blanking to production, bottle processing, silk screen hot stamping, UV coating one-stop service. Custom printed Electric/manual Cleansing Instrument from design to manufacturing.



Industry Knowledge

What is Electric/manual Cleansing instrument?

An electric/manual cleansing instrument is a tool used to clean the skin or a specific part of the body. There are a variety of different types of electric and manual cleansing instruments available, each designed for a specific purpose. A cleansing instrument and method of using same which is used for specifically massaging the skin and drawing toxins from the skin for detoxification purposes. The cleansing instrument can have a solidified material present in order to accelerate the detoxification process. The deep cleansing instrument is an alternative to a manual deep tissue massage. It offers users the sensation of being a professional massage therapist at the touch of a button. The device uses a combination therapy to deliver the best results - alternating between electronic pulses and vibration for optimal deep tissue massages.

Advantages of Electric Cleansing Instrument

1. Speed: Electric instruments can clean teeth faster than manual ones.
2. Consistency: Electric brushes provide a consistent level of pressure and vibration.
3. Ease of use: Electric brushes are easier to handle, especially for people with limited dexterity or mobility.
4. Customization: Some electric brushes offer multiple brushing modes and brush heads for customized cleaning.

Advantages of Manual Cleansing Instrument

1. Portability: Manual brushes are lightweight and easy to pack for travel.
2. Cost-effective: Manual brushes are generally less expensive than electric ones.
3.No battery or charging required: Manual brushes do not require charging or battery replacement.
4. Customizable pressure: The user can control the amount of pressure applied during brushing.

The role of Electric/manual Cleansing instrument

An electric or manual cleansing instrument is used to clean or exfoliate the skin. Electric cleansing instruments use a motor to spin bristles or oscillate to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. Manual cleansing instruments, such as a scrub brush or a konjac sponge, use manual friction to achieve the same goal. Both types of instruments can be used to enhance the effectiveness of cleansers and to improve the overall appearance and health of the skin.