Types of packaging design

The shape of cosmetics can be considered a top priority for product designers, because it is the first impression to consumers. Most of our common daily skin care products are cylindrical, but the shape of makeup products are more variable, each year's limited models of business will work on the shape and color, but in fact, the original product ingredients, technology processes have not changed, business is to seize this consumer psychology: like the appearance of new, limited number of makeup collection psychology, so these limited models will be hot every year.
So let's study the design of these products, let's talk about the design of blush, the traditional blush design is basically a solid red powder cake, outside set a square or round packaging, then this is a medium design, see such products many people buy from its practical point of view. Nowadays, the blush products have designed the original powder into a flower petal shape, and as we all know, flowers are mostly red in color, so this matches the color of the blush. The shape of its design into the shape of a flower, we will visually feel its beauty, and secondly, when we use it, it is like using the natural plant color of the petals painted on the face, to bring the user a pleasant feeling, which is worth thinking about and learning from our designers, it is not only the actual use of the product function and the higher level of experience brought to the customer, such product design will attract more Such a product design will attract more consumers to buy.