Why are people attracted to packaging?

Most cosmetic products use opaque bottles with good light protection in order to protect their nutrients from deterioration, but studies have shown that transparent plastic bottles are more likely to attract people's desire to buy, so businesses design the packaging into two layers of shells, i.e., a light-proof plastic bottle inside and a transparent acrylic package outside. After a period of sales, the packaging products designed in this way are sought after by a large number of people, so this design is widely used: some bottles are made of materials that are better protected from light, and the part of the lid is designed to be made of transparent material.
One more factor that affects cosmetic packaging is the color. The color of the packaging on the market now can be described as colorful and varied, which provides consumers with a lot of opportunities to choose. Another point is that the color is used to distinguish the different series of this product, for example: the general young users, the color is more youthful, there are orange color, light blue, pink, etc.; and the color designed for women with higher spending power is generally darker, dark purple, black etc., these colors can reflect the noble temperament of women.